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While non-idle games are more enjoyable, idle games can still be enjoyable, too, quake browser game as long as you choose the right kind of idle games like AFK Arena, which certainly the one that is most popular among idle game players. Luckily, you have PCGamesN to help you find the ones worth playing in the following idle games list. Below are nine games worth a look. One of the great things about clickers is that, with a few exceptions, theyrsquo;reusually free, so if yoursquo;re looking for some ofthebest free PC gamesyou mayfind an idle game that suits your tastes. What are the best idle games on PC? There are some interesting connotations that come along with clicker games. Also known as lsquo;idlersquo; or lsquo;incrementalrsquo; games, the name betrays certain expectations: click your mouse, get a tiny reward, and repeat until you can make the process more efficient and lucrative.